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Scorpion Semi- Flexible Solar Panels

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Flexible Solar Panels

  • Scorpion semi-flexible solar panels are suitable for bonding onto the roof of a caravan, motorhome, boats, mobile catering units and sport event trailers.
  • Its maximum bending radius of 30 ° and a thickness of only 4mm;
  • Suitable for curved surface like the deck of a boat or the roof of an RV .
  • Installation is easy through the 4 connection holes in the corners of the panel and the use of Sikaflex adhesive.
  • All our flexible solar panels are made up of Class A high efficiency Sunpower cells. 
  • Solar Extension Cable 0.5m and MC4 connectors
  • Sun Power Semi-flexible solar panel 
  • IP 67 Flexible Solar panel 
  • Lightweight and flexible Solar panel